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Put strategic money management to work for you. Discover the keystones of winning investment strategies.

To be profitable, investment strategies and portfolios need to be consistently reviewed, evaluated, and modified to reflect changes in the market.

At Peter Dag & Associates, Inc. our experience has shown the following components are critical to successful money management:

  • An in-depth understanding of the business cycles and the economic environment
  • Portfolio flexibility for secure risk management
  • Stock selection based on sector analysis and business cycles

Let's review these principles and discuss how Peter Dag & Associates, Inc. applies them to develop profitable investment strategies and investment advice for you.

Money Management Principle #1: In-depth understanding of the business cycles and economic environment secures your success.

The financial experts at Peter Dag & Associates, Inc. constantly monitor risk changes as the business cycle moves through its various phases. We chart economic indicators to identify and predict turning points in financial and business cycles. Depending on the direction and configuration of these indicators, we anticipate the direction of the stock market, stock sectors, commodity prices, interest rates, and the dollar. A deep appreciation of these relationships tells us the direction of risk for each stage of the market cycle. And our clients benefit from our timely and profitable investment advice.

Money Management Principle #2: Flexible investment strategies make risk work for you.

We design and implement flexible investment strategies to minimize your risk. Our objective is to reduce the volatility of your portfolio and to protect it from losses. A portfolio is a dynamic entity: when risk increases, we reduce your exposure to the weakest stocks. When risk declines, we increase your investment in the strongest stocks. Successful investment strategies follow the business cycle and take advantage of the changing risk of the markets. You'll see this in the investment advice we give you.

Money Management Principle #3: Select stock sectors from the strongest areas of the stock market. Select value stocks that have outperformed the market.

We recommend the strongest stocks in the strongest stock sectors that are likely to remain attractive because of their value, management performance, and business model.

Peter Dag's strategic thinking makes all the difference to you and your money.

Investment strategies are like a game of chess. After every move, both players re-evaluate their scenarios and all the possible moves they could make to win. This strategy is very different from the mindset of most investors, who tend to think in terms of 100% buy or 100% sell.

Investment strategies designed to adjust to changing times.

As soon as the markets make their moves - and new data becomes available about the economic and financial environment - Peter Dag & Associates, Inc. goes to work for you. As in a game of chess, we re-analyze and determine possible outcomes as a set of potential future scenarios. New scenarios are developed and ranked by their likelihood of taking place. An investment strategy and specific investment advice is then developed for the most likely outlook, keeping in mind, however, that other scenarios may become relevant.

Gradual portfolio changes reduce the volatility of your portfolio and improve profits.

By making gradual adjustments to your portfolio, you have the flexibility to adapt more easily to the fluctuations of the financial environment. Our investment advice for your assets reflects these gradual changes in the business cycle, economic and financial environment.

Reporting keeps you in control of your money.

You'll receive a "Money Management Report" discussing the business cycle, market conditions, our investment strategy and investment advice every quarter. It explains our views, and the risks and opportunities we see ahead. Every time we make a transaction, you will receive a confirmation statement from the institution where you have your portfolio. You will also receive a quarterly statement from Peter Dag & Associates, Inc.

Our clients have their funds with the major brokerage houses. We recommend brokerage houses that have Internet trading capabilities because commissions are considerably lower than conventional trading.

Money Management Fees.

The annual money management fee is 0.8% of the value of the assets under management up to $2,000,000. Annual fees are 0.5% for the next $2,000,000-$5,000,000. Fees are negotiable for accounts above $5,000,000. Money management fees are billed and payable at the beginning of each quarter.

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